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Principle and Reason of Environment Policy our Company.

                Common issue of all mankind in this 21st century is to preserve a global environment sustaining the economic growth at the same time. Raising the awareness of all employees, we set up company's principle and reason as,

" Our aim is to maintain earth - friendly business activities with utmost efficiency ".

                For this aim, any products beneficial for the environment preservation should be actively utilized for our manufacturing activities promoting the prosperous coexistence with both local and international communities. Our environmental management will be conducted in accordance with the basic policy below.

1. Establish environment management system for continuous promotion of global environment preservation
2. Enhance continuous improvement of system to be dedicated to the society.
3. Comply and conduct to meet with environmental regulations and rules for the products, services and activities of company. (Prevent the risk of environment contamination and heath hazard by adequate management of chemicals contained in the products.)
4. Raise the understanding and awareness of employees for environment preservation by in-house education and communication. And such activities should be disclosed to outside of company.
5. Work on priority subjects below of environmental issues of products, services and activities :
  - Effective use of resource and energy saving.
  - Waste minimization and recycling.